What do we do?


Unified communications

Business networks converge towards the IP world by
covering different technologies such as telephony and
data networks. This evolution implies thinking from a
unified communications perspective that encompasses
all the business needs.

When implementing voice technologies, the network is
shared with the data. Jobs require an uninterrupted
connection to the CPD. In turn, the CPD must be
redundant to guarantee the business continuity . In the
WAN we need to protect ourselves from external
threats while extending the corporate network to
remote locations and accessing the internet.

Solverkey offers that global perspective . We design
the communications infrastructure thinking about a
whole and not as individual parts, which ensures a
integration of services at a lower cost.

Data center / Virtualzation

Complex and made-to-measure cloud systems. The company has virtualized and guaranteed servers and desktops in private or public data centers sometimes with replicated data centers between buildings and cities. Corporate cloud e-mail backup solutions.

A standout feature are projects with virtual desktops: up to 200 people working with a thin client, which redirect the processed data to linked virtual servers. These projects give the company control of the entire network. They combine security and mobility, eliminate problems created by hardware, increase deployment speed and provide a high level of availability, scalability, flexibility and quick recovery in the event of losses…

Partners and Manufacturers

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